Strategic Planning Consulting

As organizations adapt to the pace of changes in technology and customer expectations;  planning must be quick, strategic, and involve everyone who has a stake in the future.  Our fast-cycle process is designed to help organizational leaders implement a step-by-step strategic planning approach which has these characteristics.  It outlines a continuous cycle of  assessment, planning, and implementation;  and includes techniques for large group facilitation, future search, and detailed worksheets to apply the process.

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Re-design Consulting

We have been involved in facilitating and supporting transformation projects that have delivered significant improvements for a wide range of customers.  Every system could run more effectively, and if you want your organization to transform itself into a new improved form, then systems change can create amazing results.  Re-design is an involvement process using the native intelligence of the people with their hands on the work those who know where the gains in efficiency, safety, productivity or cost savings are to be found.  It is a structured approach to evaluate your organization’s work flow, identifying where the “long hanging fruit” or gains are to be found.  The final step is an innovative implementation plan for integrating the changes into the current situation.

Future Search Conferencing

Future Search is a full participation process that engages, excites, produces new insights, and builds a sense of common values and purpose.  It is particularly attractive to organizations faced with significant change because it charts a course of action to which everyone is committed. The process includes three components:  examining the past for lessons to be brought forward, mapping the present environment to set the context for planning, envisioning a preferred future to set direction and focus activities.

In future search conferencing, leaders and community stakeholders take responsibility for focusing their vision, then chart a course to get t here.  The assumption is that they know the right course of action, and will engage in a collaborative planning experience to find it.  They use their collective knowledge to discover and drive their own future.

Creating Smart teams:  Team Building & Conflict Resolution From start-up, through team development, to adjourning or recreating a team’s purpose or configuration, there are numerous opportunities for a work team to lose their way.  If your team is in need of a facilitated process for refining its process or maximizing its results, we can help.  Schreiber Shannon Associates has worked at every level and with all kinds of organizations - to provide direct feedback processes in politically sensitive situations, to resolve differences during conflict, and to improve team performance.