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Leadership Institutes & Consulting

In 1991, Schreiber Shannon Associates initiated our innovative design for leadership institutes with the international Library Leadership Institute at Snowbird.  Based on that success, institutes have been generated across the United States, and in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  We use an experiential learning model allowing participants to learn by leading their own groups.  Each learning group has eight members, with two mentors whose role is to keenly observe and provide feedback to raise to awareness of participants’ strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions for leadership enhancement.

We provide leadership guidance focused on self-awareness, customer responsiveness, creating a clear vision of the future, identifying potential changes and embracing the opportunities they present, empowering self and others, building strategic relationships, and creating a bias for action.

Links to several Leadership Institute websites:

California Eureka! Institute

Maryland Library Leadership Institute

Illinois Synergy 2010 Vision

Pacific Northwest Library Association Leadership

Other Institutes we have facilitated are Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, North Caroline, Idaho, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

The proven results of our leadership institutes are:

  1. Bulletheightened awareness of leadership capabilities and expanded leadership capacity among the participants - through personal insight and learning practical tools

  2. Bulletincreased confidence, and the speed with which our participants accept leadership at higher levels of responsibility.

  3. Bulletimproved networking among the participating organizations  which is supported by the use of current and future technology to implement the Institute's lessons

  4. Bulletenhanced strategic planning processes that build partnerships with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Our leadership consulting is provided through coaching relationships with our clients. Whether it is a formal one-on-one relationship for individual executive development or close individual support during a change effort, Schreiber Shannon Associates has offered leadership guidance for identifying achievable objectives, outlining politically sensitive strategies, and encouraging personal development with actionable outcomes.