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Leading from Any Style:

An Enneagram Workbook for Leadership Development

People are always looking for the next “something new” to come along that’s defines our collective consciousness about leadership.  The Enneagram is an ancient philosophical framework applied in a new situation, providing a conceptual model necessary for our collective leap to the next plateau in understanding leadership and current organizational issues.  It is a nine-type development model which has emerged as a powerful personal assessment tool for today’s business leaders.  Though it has the power to direct personal and spiritual development, it is the application to leading contemporary organizations that in the basis for our workbook.  It is a dramatic leap forward  for leadership training.  Activities that provide insights into our own nature - our motivators, fears, contributions on a work team and our developmental path for leadership - provide the core of this 35-page workbook.  Investigating our styles and that of others will suggest strategies that will effectively engage around the issues of organizational leadership by reducing fear, gaining commitment to common goals, and taking action together.

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