The purpose of our business is to enhance organizational performance and individual effectiveness using organization development processes.  We support organizations who want to transform emerging market challenges into strategic opportunities.

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We support the creation of exciting work environments that allow people to achieve collective results in pursuit of their individual passions, living meaningful lives that serve them, their organizations, their customers, their communities and the world.

Strategic Directions

  1. BulletWe build capacity in strategic planning, leadership development, team effectiveness, work redesign and change management.

  2. BulletWe encourage management support of meaningful participation and innovative decision-making to streamline work processes; understand, respect, and resolve differences; and create a bias for action.

  3. BulletWe challenge employees to take personal ownership of their organization by being an active player, engaging processes that will position their organization as a vibrant and agile entity in their business.

  4. BulletWe grow leaders who are willing to risk the hard decisions and reposition their thinking to anticipate and exceed customer expectations.


Everything we do is focused on results.  We ask our clients, “What difference will this action make to your customer? What benefit will you deliver?

Organizational effectiveness depends on personal effectiveness, so we work to help our customers become conscious of their own motives, characteristics, fears, strengths and liabilities in order to use themselves more strategically.

We build customer confidence by always adding value and building the internal capacity of our client organizations.

We tell the truth as we see it.  Our customers rely on us to engage difficult situations with integrity, knowing we will help them succeed.

Organizations need people who will lead from any position.  We encourage staff to think about the whole system, then support initiative from every level of the organization using practical tools and processes.

We believe in inclusiveness.  People support that which they have helped to create; so in our work, we bring all stakeholders together to explore possibilities, and help them make decisions for quick and focused action.